Frequently Asked Questions

What is Designs for Merch?

Designs for Merch is your one stop shop for affordable and unique print on demand (POD) t-shirt designs, sweatshirt designs and POD Graphics.

What makes your designs better than others?

Our designs are selected based on not just visual appeal, but what is actually selling online.  We research niches, we then research keywords and titles for that niche, then we select art with text that actually has proven sales.  From there, we redesign the art completely unique for each customer.* The majority of our competitors offer beautiful designs, but how many thousands of POD sellers have those same images?  When a customer searches for a 4th of July shirt, do you want to stand out as 1 of 1, or compete with a dozen other sellers with the same design?

Why does it take a week to get my designs I ordered?

We don’t design your t-shirt designs until you pay for your order.  When the order is placed, we assign our team a list of concepts to design around the niche you purchased, and go through several proofs to get you the absolute best quality images that sell!

Do you offer custom packages?

Yes we do.  Just reach out via the contact form and we would be happy to work with you on a custom set of designs.  We have several customers buying 50 or 100 designs per month completely selected by them.

Why can't I see exactly what designs I will get?

Two main reasons.  As we mentioned above, the designs are created after you make your payment, so we don’t have designs just waiting to be sold. 
Second, we promise unique designs, so if we displayed them, other POD sellers will copy them and offer them for sale before you get them.

Do you offer ways to save money?

Yes we do.  Our subscription model is the best way to get amazing designs at our lowest possible price.  With subscriptions, only subscribers have access to these designs.

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