‚ÄčAre you an artist or graphic designer looking to make some extra income? Or maybe you’re thinking of turning your passion for design into a full-time job? Either way, print on demand (POD) is a great way to make money from your designs.

POD is a printing technology that allows you to print products (usually clothes or home decor items) only when someone orders them, rather than printing in bulk. This means that there’s no need to invest in inventory, and you can start selling your designs with minimal upfront costs.

If you’re thinking of starting a POD business, or you’re already selling POD products but want to increase your sales, read on for some tips on how to create designs that sell.

1. Know Your Target Market

The first step to creating designs that sell is to know who your target market is. Who are you selling to? What age group, gender, and interests do they have? When you know who your target market is, you can create designs that appeal specifically to them.

2. Keep It Simple

Your designs should be simple and easy to understand. Complex designs may look cool, but they can be confusing and off-putting to potential customers. Stick to clean lines and simple shapes, and avoid using too many colors or too much text.

3. Use Negative Space

Negative space is the empty space around and between the subjects in your design. Use it wisely! Negative space can help to highlight the main subject of your design, making it more eye-catching and easy to understand.

4. Consider the Color Scheme

The color scheme of your design is important for two reasons: firstly, different colors have different emotional associations (for example, red is often associated with energy and excitement); secondly, some colors are more popular than others (for example, black and white are classic colors that never go out of style). When choosing a color scheme for your design, consider both the emotional associations of the colors and the overall popularity of the scheme.

5. Use High-Quality Images

If you’re using images in your design (and you should be!), make sure they’re high-quality. blurry or pixelated images will make your whole design look unprofessional, so take the time to find or create clear, sharp images.